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Concussion injuries linger after symptoms subside

Posted by Kerrie Denner

Months after concussion symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and memory loss fade, the brain continues to show signs of injury, a new study suggests.

Comparing 50 concussion patients with the same number of healthy people, researchers found that the brains of those suffering concussions showed abnormalities four months later. This happened despite the fact that their symptoms had already eased to some degree.

The findings may sway conventional thinking about when it's safe to resume physical activities that could produce another concussion, the study authors said.

Canadian ski racer Kucera sidelined by weird vertigo-like symptoms

Posted by Kerrie Denner

Former world downhill champ’s participation at Lake Louise not likely, while he’s running out of time to make Sochi qualifying standard

by Vicky Hall, Calgary Herald

As a World Cup ski racer, John Kucera realizes he’s at higher risk that most for broken bones, torn ligaments and pretty much every traumatic injury known to the tall foreheads in sports medicine. But the Calgarian can’t quite come to grips with the latest obstacle on the road to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Lighting flicker health concerns

Posted by Kerrie Denner

CFL 'flicker' and photosensitive epilepsy, Ménière's disease and migraines.

Concerns have been raised that compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) may have adverse impacts on the health of some people. One such concern is the effects of CFL 'flicker' on sufferers of photosensitive epilepsy, Ménière's disease and migraines.


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